Sometimes I write these are my words

The following are mixed curated of words by nick lyon

Play Sound


Play a record not to play it in record time, but play it with the sound in mind. Then what would be noise becomes sound. I have both of these in mind when playing a record in record time.


Does the record not also move you. Does the record not also move. 


Located in both in still, and movement. 


It was picked then placed. Play a record then hear sound. 


Does the record not also move you. 


Sound then locates itself as a non sound. The movement when the record is placed also is located as sound. Noise in time then locates itself as sound. Sound of a record. 


Sound locates noise in both still, and in movement.


Discover sound without sound. 


When placing a record. 


About: Hearing what is happening then responding with the moment being a entire transitioned moment in time. Not just a few noises. It’s about hearing the entire process of the record without hearing it. It just happens.


It’s Time. 


It moves quick.

It moves unhurried. 


Find your pace.  



If the sky is in front, and you are in the water. Then where does the sky begin? Is the glow before or beyond you. If beyond then where then does the photo begin. The mystery is in perception, or is it lack of reception. 


The Sound Of A Photograph



Intuitive Thinking


Logic with reason gives way into the term to think intuitive thought. Thought arrives then is displaced then logged. 


To learn you need to grasp each thought that then gets logged.

Current = Now


Current Thought

Long Term

Short Term


Back thinking

Forward thinking


Relate Current Thought


• Short term is now thought

• Long term is now thought


• Back thought is now thought

• Forward thought is now thought


The find interest in now. 




Thought = Now = Current Thought


Relate now with progress. 


Progress = Interest 


Intuitive thought is now relating thought now.


Resistance thought does not exist. Now thought is never not now thought. 


When movement occurs logic is gained. | 303 718 9734