Sometimes I write these are my words

The following are mixed curated of words by nick lyon

TOdays thought

What is blank if blank is the background. Does the bang exist without the word big. Does the blank space exist without the potential or is blank space always kinetic #nitwwords

"choice to be"

What is choice if you were born a certain way. What is ebony without ivory. What is black without white. What does it mean to yang if theres no ying set up. I have wronged but I do my best to make right in my heart. The trouble is right takes time to settle wrong therefore. But wrong still exist without accepting someone eventual rights. So is it a wrong doing if a another sees wrong in another without knowing there heart was in the right place. 
So what came first chicken or the egg? Well what do you think. Yin yang or ying yang. 
Life is but a series of questions. I'm just trying to piece the answers together.


Play a record not to play it in record time, but play it with the sound in mind. Then what would be noise becomes a sound. I have these both in mind when i'm not playing a record in record time. I play all the records from ellie to tigers jaw to nickie minaj yes even jessie ware is my record of npr oh man what a sound nay i say what a noise nay what a technicolor sound.  Hip hip hurray!  #nitwwords

If the sky is in front, and I am in the water. Then where does the sky begin? Is the glow before me or beyond me. If beyond then where then does the photo begin, if that's so then isn't life simply a touching series of photos. So the mystery is in perception or is it lack of reception. #nitwwords

"These days"

i miss some days more than other days. i miss these days more than these days. i like this day but i love today. perks to being a wallflower. perks to being a millennial. or is it just perks. or is it just parks and rec. or is it parks and relax. man i wish the world had more parks, perks.


"matter matters"

i'm in love with matter, oh hey you matter!!! don't forget that!  #nitwwords 

Whats the sky to do without some shade. Whats a maid to do without a mess. Whats a lens without an eye. whats a ball without a bounce. whats a beach without the waves. well is it still something or does it become nothing. well is it still something or does it become nothing. well i say when the mess comes clean it up yourself, when the shade leaves step inside then when you see the shot let it bounce off nothing then back into the mess of the abyss which is something i like to call your eyes.  #nitwwords

If your not all in what are you. If your not fully aware, where then are you.

Feet in the air heart underwater. What lies inside is the abyss of the water or is it the untapped mind. Oh to be the water.


Never be alone for to long, never have doubt in a friend, never cease to search for hope, don't let hopelessness search and destroy your mind or man kind. We are all in the same miry clay in life. 

Why not jump for joy with a neighbor or friend instead of jumping off bridges and littering the streets with trashy clay. For properly hardened clay surely is a better base then that of one littered by trash. Stronger is your base with lessons learned, for then stronger will be the base of your mind.

Why not support uplift and over joy your neighbor with gifts. Love is all around. Why do we not see its importance when were stuck in the clay of life. Maybe red bull does give us wings, if thats so then why do we sink when we can swim, its just a gas station away or does it give us heart attacks, well give your heart a break and lets find our wings below water from our land, maybe then water will better let us shape our clay with more wisdom in mind. 

Why do we fear when we know love abounds for once again love is all around. I love to jump but i jump with a rope for joy not far away from where others play. I say run to those who play but chase after the hearts that choose to run from the play. We play so we can be wild like the wild things, but once i will say i don't believe fear is real just embrace the clay embrace the play then hear it as a challenge. From there allow the challenge to challenge you and your own mind. 

For what is a challenge if not just another fun game to play. Embrace life's challenges and then you'll see how to jump properly with a positive mental attitude. 

Life is good it never ceased to be. Embrace don't run from the chase. 

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