Kyle & Katie // Keystone, CO // July 5th, 2014

This wedding was different for me; it felt like it meant more than any other wedding I've photographed. For starters I am a friend of Kyle & Katie’s. Also I recently quit my job as a Landscape Designer down in Denver. The job I wanted since high school, and the job that I moved to Colorado to get in the first place. I quit to take on being a photographer full time. A hobby I picked up in College that I just never quit at. This was my first wedding as a full time photographer.

So like I was saying it was different. I remember pulling up to the house in the morning, and my hand was shaking a little. I get a little nervous before weddings sometimes. It usually takes a few minutes to go away after walking in. This time though when the door opened, all I felt was calm. It was a surreal feeling, but it made the whole day easier. It felt like this was what I should be doing, and was exactly where I should be, with exactly the right people. 

Anyways... enough about my nervous hand twitch. Kyle & Katie's wedding took place on top of a mountain! It had poured the day before the wedding, and rained the day after, but not on July 5th. Not sure if it was luck or if someone was caring some good karma that day. I won’t complain either way. It took two twenty-minute gondola rides just to get up to the venue. Somehow everyone showed up on time, everything ran on time, and just about everyone at the wedding cried. I can't tell you how grateful I am to have the opportunity to lend my eyes to people for their weddings. Want to say thank you to Kyle & Katie for trusting me with something this big.

Thanks to LAB Photography for shooting with me, and a shout out to Gina from Organically You Events, I don't think I have ever seen a wedding so well planned. Thanks for reading friends; I am looking forward to future things. (If you take a photo please link it to my site) Cheers. 

Enjoy your photos friends, and thanks again for having me out Kyle & Katie.