Darryl & Kelly // Crooked Willow Farms

So they say long distance doesn't usually pan out, but this wedding was a very real contradiction to that statement. Darryl & Kelly had been dating for almost 10 years before this wedding. Both of them decided to further their education after their undergrad where they first met. Which forced them to live in separated states for long periods. Anyways I tell you that because it was very evident that this was a huge milestone in both their stories. I still can't believe I get the chance to document events like this. I sometimes feel that my photos don't do a day justice, only because you can't hear the conversations going on around, and feel tears of joy falling from peoples faces. It's always an honor to document a wedding, this one was no exception. 

I can't say enough good things about Darryl & Kelly. Thank you guys so much for having me out. I am really looking forward to sharing more photos with you guys! Also thank you to Ashley, the days event planner. You'd be surprised at how many tiny little details go into a wedding like this, and it wouldn't be possible to pull off without a planner & a team behind the scenes . You guys were a joy to work with. 

Thanks for stopping through. Enjoy.