Rome Trip // 2014

So I was recently presented the opportunity to meet my sister out in Rome for a week. She was working out in Turin, Italy with her company  Slow Foods for their annual food conference. I flew into Rome and spent a few days on my own wandering, and then met up with my sister for the remainder of the week. Before I left, I knew I wanted put together a time-lapse of my trip, so I set out to complete at least a short video of Rome (you can view it below.) I also knew I wanted to take a ton of photos and be blown away by the beauty of Rome, but I didn't. My camera stayed in my bag most of the time, as I found myself observing rather than documenting what I saw. I don't want to say Rome wasn't beautiful, it was, but in a different way. The ancient history of it all was what made it so spell bounding.

I normally find beauty & simplicity in the most chaotic moments in life, but I didn't find that this trip. I found Rome to be cluttered, grungy, and overcrowded. I know it's one of the oldest cities in the world, but it still wasn't what I was expecting. What I did find though was inspiration. Walking the streets of a city & viewing all the historic sites reminded me of how human we all are. I mean that everything we are & everything we claim to hold in life is very temporary. The great Coliseum walls the Romans built didn't seem so great to me. What you don't see in my photos below is the scaffolding that surround 60% of the structure, and many of the sites in Rome that are greatly depleted. I learned this trip that what you & I create now in our lifetime is greater than any walls built 2000+ years ago. My hope for people after reading & viewing my photos is that they learn to appreciate a moment rather trying to document every second of it. As always, thanks for reading and supporting my work. I've got some exciting news coming up so stay tuned. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy what I put together. Cheers!