Diaz Family | Newborn

I am not going to say much about the the Diaz family simply because I think the photos will speak for themselves. I will say though that Pax is one lucky dude. As Natalie and Dan are two of the most kindhearted people you will ever meet. Happy to see good things come to good people, congratulations my friends. Thanks for having me out, excited to share these images with the world. 

Pax my new friend your in good hands. Cheers! 

Katie & Danny // Wedding

About a month ago I drove to Colorado to pick up my belongings as I had just moved to Nashville, TN. I was also in town to second shoot with a good friend of mine Hunter Thompson. ( view his work ). It wasn't long into my trip when a not so subtle blizzard hit Colorado. Lucky for us we had reliable transportation, and happen to love shooting in the snow. Unlucky for us it took twice as long to get home after due to heavy snow. Though this was great one, and I got allot of great images from shooting along side Hunter so thought i'd share. Thanks for having us out Katie & Danny, it was a honor to capture this small mountain barn wedding. Cheers!